Sense of self and purpose - in love, life and community. The building blocks of happiness
Jean Ann Gabby, MS
Jean Ann Gabby, MS
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor
Professional Mediator

Most of us already have the tools we need to live loving, fulfilling lives.

But once in a while everyone could use another set of eyes on an issue... a better perspective from 30,000 feet... or a new understanding of the real stages that every person, couple, and organization must go through to reach full maturity and optimal functioning. And that is where life is easier!

An experienced therapist and mediator in private practice since 1993, I provide highly productive, solution-focused short-term therapy, counseling, and consultation for individuals, couples, businesses, and groups that are hungry to take charge of their personal and professional lives.

Weaving education, energy, and enlightenment into each session, our work together is engaging, memorable, and meaningful. And I guarantee results, with positive change usually occurring in as little as an hour.

I welcome your questions and would be honored to be part of your life, if even for a short while as your Counselor.

Foundation beneath my treatment philosophy

Conventional wisdom from our country’s founders suggests that "Empowering Individuals" – in addition to groups of support systems - is the real key to national health, fiscal wellness, international harmony, brilliant children, faithful partners, wrinkle-free aging, and the unbridled pursuit of personal happiness. Do I believe this? YES! Well, all but the wrinkle-free part … and I fervently apply the philosophy of strength through individual autonomy to my work. After all, who is more qualified to live your life than you?

EMPOWERMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL (YOU) to be self-sufficient, self-determining, self-reliant, self-respecting, and self-loving is the founding core value of not only my own self and life path but has been proven throughout history as the most caring, loving, and respectful gift one person can give another.

Given this, our work together will include the specific goal of your success as the one and only “CEO” who is entitled to run your life. The understanding that you personally own your freedom, your choices, your options, your decisions, your “stuff,” and your results… is astonishingly liberating when you fully accept it. You will learn that it is scientifically impossible for you to be responsible for another person’s feelings, views, opinions, or actions … and this is quite often where our journey begins.

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