Directions and Setting


After your first appointment is made, I will email you easy directions and parking instructions for JUST YOU, along with the forms to complete and bring to this first appointment. These forms include:


It’s always a good sign when clients look forward to their sessions.

I designed my practice with your complete privacy, comfort, and confidentiality in mind. When you arrive it will be JUST YOU. No other client will be on the premises or lurking in a waiting room or listening for a whimper or sniffle or snippet of emotion to waft under the door. People are naturally curious, aren’t they? So we make it impossible for your business to be of any interest to others.

Our setting will be soothing, peaceful, and private, helping you gain an immediate wider perspective, a distinct feeling of safety, and a sense of relief that all will be well before long. During warm weather we can sit outside or go for a long walk or meet at a park. During cold weather we can choose a fireplace setting. Either way, you’re treated to unmatched privacy in a non-clinical setting, for a truly therapeutic and normalizing counseling experience. You’ll be welcomed by a friendly little old great-grandmother with a heart of gold, a can-do attitude and spirit like steel, and a passion to help you know the difference between slavery (to external objects, events, people, jobs, things) and the freedom to be YOU, on your terms. If you’re going to have an important chat with someone you may as well do it right.