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Jean Ann Gabby, MS
Jean Ann Gabby, MS
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor
Professional Mediator

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"You teach, inspire, encourage & empower! I am so grateful to grow from your personal wisdom and intelligence applied through your meaningful profession. With loving appreciation, "
~ Alison J. ~

"I spent some time reading your website before I reached out to you. I was impressed that you are an independent thinker, who invests enough of yourself in your work to develop your own systems and approach. I like your directness."
~ Renee ~

"I have loved having you as a therapist/mentor and sooo appreciate all of your positivity. :) It’s made such a difference!"
~ Bailey H. ~

"I always have so much fun with our chats, learn so much and look forward to each of our visits. I think if we would have become friends in our personal lives we would have had a blast, full of adventures and tons of laughs." "Thank you for helping to bring back the sunshine in my life and being an amazing person; you are a true gift to me that I will always cherish. The time and skills you invest in me is something that no one can take away from me. Skills and knowledge definitely help to bring security, which brings confidence, which bring success."
~ Nicole A. ~

"Thank you Jean Ann, it was a pleasure and a blessing to have worked with you. We are both very excited to continue in our journey with a new perspective and gratitude. You’ve offered great insight and resources that we’ve both been deeply encouraged by, and will continue to benefit from together. "
~ Vicki and Dave ~

"Jean Ann, I loved seeing you yesterday. I left feeling inspired and confident and I thank you for the much needed perspective you provided. You always seem to bring me back to a place of feeling grounded. This past year has had me on such a whirlwind of self discovery, pushing myself in ways that have been challenging but rewarding as well. I have learned a lot more about myself, the person I hope to be, and the most importantly the mom and role model I want to be for my child."
~ Amanda O. ~

"I am pleased to report that my family trip we just got back from went very smoothly! I was way more relaxed than I normally am around family and enjoyed viewing situations with the perspectives you’ve given me. Thank you!"
~ Jessica T. ~

"Jean Ann, I am so lucky and very grateful that I am given this opportunity in my life to be happy again. And all thanks to you. Living in that area in that relationship was a nightmare for me, but you were and still are my guardian angel who saved me. You and my children were the only positive supports I had that kept me going. Thank you very much. I am also happy to hear you are still counseling. All those who you see are very lucky to have you help them. I always liked your openness and straight-forwardness. I cherish every word and it lifts my spirits."
~ Yvette T. ~

"Your words mean the world to me. I took a screenshot of your text and will keep your blessing stored in my favorites! Thank you for blessing me beyond belief with so much unconditional love, support and WISDOM! You are truly the BEST!!"
~ Jennifer E. ~

"Thank you Jean Ann. I am pretty lucky that you entered my life at just the right time! I so appreciate you. On a positive note my kids are happy and thriving at school! Got awesome emails Friday from BOTH of their teachers! And supportive friends continue to amaze me with their good hearts and generous spirits, which gives me faith in humanity again. One door may be closing but I think my life is, and will be, better than ever."
~ Emily P. ~

"Thank you for your support, guidance and authentic views. You have navigated us through some trenches and shown us light through your professional perspective. We are sincerely grateful and forever friends. I wholeheartedly agree with you that this new path that initially brought heartache and a void is now being filled with time for "US." Thank you!"
~ Alyssa & Mark K. ~

"Thank you for everything! I truly don’t know what I would've done without you and your beautiful guidance. I immensely appreciate everything you did for me and al the tools you provided to help me on my way. Please let me know if you have any further seminars, book clubs or classes. And please keep my file as you will be the first place I go should I need a bit of direction. Much love!"
~ Lisa C. in CA ~

"Thank you Jean Ann for all you do for my mental health and well being!! I hope someone just as special is helping you process all that comes your way. Everyone should have a Jean Ann-like person in their lives."
~ Carol H. of Florida ~

"I found an amazing coach who is a huge advocate for my mission and I think she will be an excellent resource in helping me in my journey to recovery and finding my voice. I so appreciate your perspective, assistance, and frequent challenges of my thoughts with your question "According to whom, exactly?" Thank you for sharing your spirit and wisdom with me and all those you touch!"
~ Rachel P. of Seattle ~

"Jean Ann, I’ve been thinking of you and just wanted to update you on how my grandchildren are doing. Even though it’s been 5 years since I saw you as my counselor, I still remember you encouraging me in my marriage, too, and remember some of the tools you gave me. I appreciated so much your wonderful skill in getting me past a difficult time in my life. Thanks again for all your help. May the Lord bless and keep you in these times."
~ Marcia R. of Montana ~

" I would so enjoy being friends with you. I adore you! You’ve helped me so much. I will stay in touch. I just finished Negative Self Talk and How to Change It. I loved it. I’m passing it along to my son."
~ Tara G. of Boise ~

"Thank you so much for this Jean Ann. I'm so excited. I’ve just finished the Negative Self Talk book and I’m so encouraged. It asked me to visualize someone positive and YOU came to mind. Thank you for helping me. You are truly amazing and you have a gift."
~ Cheshire Cat ~

"Jean Ann, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how positive our sessions were for me. I got so much out of the time that we spent together. I continue to work hard on doing what "I" want to do and right now that is being myself for a while and being at peace with myself and my life. If I feel I want to add anyone else to it, maybe someday… but for now I want to deal with what makes me happy. Thank you so much for your help, advice and newfound friendship. I will definitely call if I feel the need. And I will miss laughing with you!"
~ Connie ~

"I just wanted to say thank you for working with me. I feel lifted and my mind is open and I feel really good. I know I have a lot of work to do but I feel like I am at least moving forward and that is a very big deal. Thank you! I am excited for our next session."
~ Holly ~

"I reached out to Jean Ann a few months ago to help me with my marriage. Both my wife and I met with Jean Ann and found her to be incredibly friendly, warm and welcoming. It made it very easy to talk to her and a very personal environment. We both found her to be very professional and effective. We truly enjoyed speaking with her and saw huge improvements in our marriage and in us personally. We truly owe that to Jean Ann and would highly recommend her to anybody. She changed my mind in the way I looked at counselors. In a weird way we will miss visiting her because she brought the best out of us and has given us tools to continue a successful marriage and family. She will bring the best out of you and worth the time!! Highly recommended!"
~ Chadd V. and family ~

"Jean Ann, thank you for your guidance. It has helped us tremendously in terms of thinking before we speak and trying to understand the other's point of view, even if we don't agree with it. We are a work in progress but our relationship is worth the work, so thank you."
~ Wendy & Craig ~

"Jean Ann is highly qualified, professional and effective. Her approach and human understanding is truly amazing!"
~ Annette F. ~

"Times were very dark and hard.  Something that is too difficult to explain easily was done to me.  I was growing increasingly frustrated and angry."

"I had several good people on my side.  One was Jean Ann. She gave me an understanding that helped to relieve the anger.  She went one step further, and when it was needed became my advocate. I don't think even she realizes what a miracle she performed and how much it means to me."
~ Mike M. ~

"I just want to say that Jean Ann is an earth angel in my life and in my son's life. I have been searching for tools and ways to gain my inner peace and happiness, my self esteem and confidence. When I met with Jean Ann, she provided me with tools that really changed my life in a way I never could have ever imagined but hoped for."

"Jean Ann also helped my troubled teen boy and now he is getting straight As, and he is so happy, he is sharing his experience of hope and happiness with all of his friends and even other adults. It's amazing! He has goals now and is on his way to a better, successful happy life."

"Jean Ann is a very compassionate person and very intuitive. She doesn't just sit there or cut you off when you are making progress ... and she doesnt sit there and say " How does that make you feel" or "I see" like many other therapists that I have been to. She truly cares and she is a pleasure to talk to."

"I highly recommend her to anyone. And I am so thankful that I found her. Thanks Jean Ann!"
~ Arlene ~

“We started seeing Jean Ann in March 2010 for couples’ therapy. Our problems were multifaceted, covering joint work and home life struggles. From the start, we felt that she gave us a clearly defined path without bias, requiring both parties to take equal accountability for their actions. Treatment was fast paced and not a long drawn out process, literally giving us tools to incorporate into our relationship on the first visit. Jean Ann single handedly provided us with the proper communication methods and techniques for conflict resolution. She taught us about reasonable expectations and how to find joy and happiness in our relationship while separating our home life from our work life. Without her guidance, support and direction we firmly believe that we would have separated. Although we don’t see her regularly anymore, we still reach out for the occasion “tune up” and find tremendous value in the wisdom she imparts on our lives.”
~ Jennifer and Rick ~

“Jean Ann counseled me with individual sessions to resolve guilt and sadness I was experiencing towards family member(s). Her boundary teachings were eye opening and I was able to find the resolution I needed to move forward in life, without the pressure of unnecessary guilt. She also provided me with invaluable tools to establish and maintain boundaries with my mother, which have been a life long struggle. God Bless Jean Ann, and what she has done for my life!”
~ Lynn M. ~

"In thinking about it, one or two sentences doesn't even begin to describe Jean Ann and her outlook on life. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I could literally write a paragraph. I do miss our conversations, but things are going pretty well and yes that is largely because of her help."

"Jean Ann is an amazing counselor who does much more than sit back and listen... she gives powerful tools for living. She equips people to put life's obstacles back into perspective and focus on what is really important."
~ Mathew ~

"I've seen different counselors throughout my life and she is the best ever!  When my EAP sessions were used up with Jean Ann, I wouldn't have even considered switching to a different counselor.  So it was great to have my insurance kick in so I could continue with her.  I'm almost done with what I needed to learn.  It's been a fantastic experience."
~ Deena P. ~

"I supervise a huge nursing staff at the hospital and seemed to have my act together in my work life, but my personal life was spiraling  out of control, which created a negative impact at work.  I got lucky because a very skilled EAP counselor was assigned to me.  Jean Ann was very empathic, compassionate, and calming in a time of crisis.  To say I was very satisfied is an understatement.  She helped me save and succeed in my job and in my marriage."
 ~ Mary D. ~

"The time I spent with Jean Ann was very helpful and I wish it could have been for a longer time than what my EAP allowed.  She was very cordial, patient, and moved her schedule around to accommodate my odd shift.  Thank you, thank you. I almost hated to "heal up" and leave but I did, and would hope that anyone who needs a counselor could be as lucky as I was."
~ Mildy B. ~

"We heard about an intuitive counselor who always seemed to hit the nail on the head when assessing problems and solutions, and that's exactly what we experienced first-hand with Jean Ann.  It was her.  With good perception, friendliness, and approachability she brought us to see what we needed to see.  She also didn't tell us what to do, which is why we changed counselors in the first place.  We're so happy now and want to thank the EAP for this invaluable service."
~ Pat and Dennis K. ~

"We would highly recommend Jean Ann! She's warm, caring and a true professional!  She tailors to each individual to help them meet their needs & goals."
~ Lori & Family ~

"Jean Ann's Ego Matters counseling has been a really wonderful experience.   Each time I leave a session with Jean Ann I feel more equipped to make better decisions for myself.  When she talks with me, it’s just that, an educated conversation.  She helps me see the bigger picture and look at aspects of life that might otherwise have been misunderstood.   After having seen Jean Ann I know that I am capable of dealing with anything that comes my way, and I have the ability to just step back and look at situations from an elevated view of 30,000 feet." 
~ Nicole ~